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Herbert Romerstein, Director, Center for Security Research

Romerstein Heads Center

The Director of ERI’s Center for Security Research is Herbert Romerstein, generally recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on the intricate details of Cold War subversion and the war on terror. As director of the Center, Romerstein guides the research efforts of ERI on security matters, while maintaining an active schedule of speaking and writing about such issues both in the United States and Europe.

Romerstein retired in 1989 after 25 years service with the United States government. He served as head of the office to Counter Soviet Disinformation at the United States Information Agency from 1983 to 1989. From 1965 to 1983, he was a Professional Staff Member for the U.S. House of Representatives. This service included tours of duty as investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities, minority chief investigator for the House Committee on Internal Security and professional staff member for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

He is the author of a number of books and monographs on the subjects of espionage and propaganda. His books include: The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors (2000), Heroic Victims: Stalin’s Foreign Legion in the Spanish Civil War (1994) and The KGB Against the “Main Enemy” (1989). Since retiring from the government, Romerstein has done extensive research in both U.S. and foreign archives. In 1992, he did research in archives in the Ukrainian republic. In 1993, he did research in the archives of the Communist International in Moscow, Russia.

In 2004, Romerstein visited Poland representing ERI, speaking at conferences in various Polish cities. One of the meetings was held in the Polish Parliament where he supported Polish scholars who urged the opening of the Polish Communist archives.